'Kindred Spirits' Paranormal Investigators Amy Bruni, Adam Berry and Chip Coffey Preview 'Creepy' Season 6 Premiere (Exclusive)

When paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry with psychic medium Chip Coffey return on Dec. 18 for a brand new season of Kindred Spirits, the trio admits the premiere will be one for the books. In the first episode of the Travel Channel series' sixth season (also streaming on discovery+), Bruni and Berry travel to Massachusetts to investigate a haunted building terrorizing anyone who enters. Originally built in 1892, the old Masonic temple in East Bridgewater is one shrouded in mystery and local lore. Housing one of America's largest secret societies, the Freemasons — a society famous for its ritualistic obsession with death and the afterlife. As Bruni and Berry investigate with a remote Coffey, their findings lead them to the daunting realization they may be investigating a cold case murder.

With the society being rather reticent amid the case turning into a hair-raising investigation at every turn, Bruni outlines the challenges to PopCulture.com exclusively of how the team faced their journey with uncovering the house's secrets. Sharing how the three brought on Sean, a Freemason member to help with their investigation, Bruni says it was "nice" to have him share further details they couldn't find in the historical texts. "He could really kind of fill us in a little bit on ideas and what the ideas behind their rituals were and things. But it was hard in the sense that we sent him in there and we couldn't hear anything he was saying," she said. "We had to agree to shut off all the audios. We didn't hear any of what he was reciting, but there was something about that that did raise the energy there. We're shut out a little bit, but I think we got enough of a taste to have a handle on the situation."

(Photo: Travel Channel / Discovery)

Coffey, who read remotely for the location, tells PopCulture the energy at the old Freemason building could boil down to just one word: "Creepy," he said. "There's not another word. It was a creepy location, just different than some of the other places that we had been. It just felt like there was something hidden and something unexplored and something unfound and that's probably the best words I can use."

In consideration of how audiences might react to the investigation and the spirits' responses, Berry says without spoiling anything it was all about them needing to be there at the exact time. "Yes, the activity, at times, was aggressive — but this shop owner had moved her shop from one side of the building to the other and her real worry was that somebody else is going to move in here and I don't want them to mess up the energy because she's like, 'We get along. However, these crazy things have happened in the past and I don't want it to get worse,'" he said. "We did a lot of investigating to try to figure out who that aggressive person was. Chip picked up on it. We had activity around it, but nothing like hit us over the head to say, 'Oh yeah, this is the aggressive activity.' But the entire case, when you watch the episode, flips on its head in the middle of it, and our entire mission changes, and the outcome — I mean, I still am confused how we got to that outcome. I know how it happened, but you can't even write that kind of stuff. It's insane."

(Photo: Travel Channel / Discovery)

Berry chimes in that the team had "no idea" that was conclusion was coming. "That's actually how it operates for us a lot of the time. It's like a curveball," she said. Coffey adds when the moment arrived, he was sitting at home when Bruni and Berry called him about what they found. "[They] told me what happened and I'm like — it was just — you got to watch it to believe it. That's the whole point," he said, shocked.

Kindred Spirits premieres Dec. 18 on Travel Channel with the episode available to stream on discovery+. Plans start as low as $4.99 a month. For more details and a free trial subscription, head to discovery+!