John Cena Set to Star in Netflix Action-Comedy by Jason Bateman

John Cena has reportedly been cast in an action-comedy film for Netflix, which will be directed by Jason Bateman.

Netflix is continuing to expand its original film catalog with another action-comedy. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the untitled project has just added Cena as its star, joining an all-star lineup that has movie buffs excited.

Cena has had a pretty successful transition into the world of blockbuster movies, with a few hits in a row in the last couple of years. Following the success of Blockers back in April, Netflix is giving the wrestling star another shot at comedy in the new production.

The movie will see Bateman expanding his directorial resume, which currently includes several TV credits, including six episodes of his Netflix series Ozark. Meanwhile, he will be reunited with screenwriter Mark Perez, who is writing the script for the new project.

Perez wrote 2017's Game Night, one of the most beloved comedies of 2018. The movie starred Bateman, Rachel McAdams and a whole host of other beloved comedy figures. Perez and Bateman must have gotten along, as they are partnering on this new Netflix Original, this time with both of them behind the camera.

Bateman will also be a producer on the film, along with his partner Michael Costigan. The two operate Aggregate Films, which has a production deal with Netflix. They are joined by producers Joe Roth and Jeff Kirschenbaum.

Perez has also been busy with work for Netflix. He wrote for the new Carmen Sandiego animated series, which stars Gina Rodriguez and Finn Wolfhard. The show dropped on Netflix just over a week ago and it is quickly becoming a favorite among kids.

When exactly this team will get time to work with Cena is the real question. Cena is still riding the wave of success from last month's Bumblebee, which defied all expectations about the Transformers series. He does not have much down time, as he reportedly begins shooting Playing With Fire on Feb. 4.


Playing With Fire is a family comedy that puts Cena back in the ring. He will play one of several professional fighters trying to wrangle some unruly children. The movie is slated for release in the spring of 2020.

Other projects on Cena's to-do list include Project X (coming out later in 2019), The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle (slated for release in January 2020) and an adaptation of Robert Ludlum's novel The Janson Directive.