'Jack Ryan' Season 3: When Is the John Krasinski Amazon Series Returning?

Fans are expecting the next installment of Amazon Prime Video's Jack Ryan any time now, but sadly it won't be this month. Amazon has released the usual list of all its upcoming streaming titles, and Jack Ryan Season 3 is not among them. Read on for some of the best clues about when we can expect the action series to premiere at last.

John Krasinski stars as the titular hero in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, a series based on Clancy's spy novels. Krasinski himself made an Instagram Story post recently which hinted that Jack Ryan Season 3 would premiere in the second quarter of 2022. That narrows the timeline down to sometime between March and June, though some fans suspect that it will be on the later end of that spectrum. With a TV show this popular, Amazon will most likely pull out all the stops to advertise it, so we need time for some trailers and press tours before we can expect to see the show itself.

It's worth noting that the next Jack Ryan book, Zero Hour, is due out in June of this year. While publishers and TV studios do not always work closely on these kinds of things, it might make sense for Amazon to take this into consideration. In addition to selling books through its retail arm, the company owns Kindle and Audible, so it could be looking for some synergy this summer.

Whenever it comes, the wait will have been long enough for most fans. Jack Ryan premiered in the summer of 2018, then took over a year to return in October of 2019. Although the show had been renewed for a third season in April of 2019, filming did not begin right away, and unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic got in the way.

Production on Jack Ryan Season 3 finally began in May of 2021 and wrapped up mid-October according to a report by FanSided. Assuming that post-production takes about six months – as it does on many similar shows – this batch of episodes could be finished and ready to air sometime in April or May.

The show was renewed for a fourth season in October as well, and Amazon is not waiting around this time. Production on Season 4 will reportedly begin next month, so the wait between seasons may finally begin shrinking.

Jack Ryan is based on a series of novels by author Tom Clancy and later other authors. It is an episodic political drama about the world of espionage, centering around CIA Analyst Jack Ryan. The TV show starts with Ryan being pulled away from his comfortable desk job and thrust into the field, and things only spiral out of control from there.

Ryan was the lead character in Clancy's debut novel, The Hunt for Red October. Clancy went on to write 12 books about Ryan by himself and 5 more in collaboration with other authors. Since then, other authors have written 17 more books in the series, including Zero Hour by Don Bentley, which is due out this June. So far, there's no official release date for the next season of the TV show.