How to Cancel Your Disney+ Subscription

Disney+ is raising subscription prices beginning Oct. 12.

Disney+ subscribers are now just a month away from a massive price hike that will see subscription prices soar by as much as 27%. While the Disney-based streamer boasts a large content catalogue filled to the brim with the Star Wars library, Disney Channel classics, and more, some subscribers may be looking to back away from the streamer altogether. But how exactly do you cancel your Disney+ subscription?

How to cancel Disney+ via a web browser

Thankfully, cancelling your Disney+ subscription is easy and will only take a small amount of time. To cancel your subscription in a web browser, simply open in a browser either on a computer or phone and log into your Disney+ account. Once logged in, click on your profile icon and then select "Account," which is located below the "Watchlist" and "App Settings" options. This will take you to an overview of your account. You then need to select your Disney+ subscription under the field that says "Subscription." You then have the option to "Cancel Subscription" and will be asked to select a reason for the cancellation. You must then confirm the cancellation by clicking "Cancel Subscription." The process is virtually the same when canceling through the mobile app, though subscribers will be redirected to a webpage when they select "Account."

How to cancel Disney+ via a third-party app

Subscribers who signed up for Disney+ through a third-party app – Amazon, Google, Apple, Roku, Xfinity, Verizon, etc. – must cancel directly through the third-party app. This can be done by visiting the app's Help Center. Disney+'s Help Center provides links to the Help Centers for various third-party apps here. For those who signed up through Apple, for example, they must open the Settings app on their iPhone, tap their name at the top, and then select "Subscriptions." Users can then select the subscription they wish to cancel and then select "Cancel subscription."

Once canceled, the current Disney+ subscription will continue until the end of "your current payment cycle," per Disney. This means that service will not be interrupted until the payment cycle ends. Currently, Disney+ is offering new and returning subscribers a subscription to the Disney+ Basic Plan for just $1.99 for three months, so singing up before the offer expires on Sept. 20 will allow you to enjoy the streamer for a bit longer before facing the price hike.

Disney+ Price Hike

While cancelling your Disney+ subscription will mean you lose access to a content catalogue that includes titles from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more, it will prevent you from experiencing the upcoming price hike. Beginning on Oct. 12, Disney+ Premium (the ad-free plan) will rise 27%, jumping from $10.99 to $13.99 per month for U.S. subscribers, with the annual plan rising to $139.99 per year. The standalone Disney+ with ads will remain at $7.99 per month.

What are some Disney+ alternatives?

In the streaming era, there is a seemingly endless list of options for streaming beloved TV series and movies, meaning there are more than just a few alternatives to a Disney+ subscription. Those wishing to hold onto the streamer's content catalogue can get more bang for their buck by signing up for the Disney+ and Hulu bundle, providing full access to both streamers' libraries for $9.99 per month with ads or $19.99 per month without ads. Netflix is also another great alternative, the streamer offering three different subscription tiers – the basic with ads plan ($7 per month), the standard plan ($15.50 per month), and the premium plan ($20 per month) – and access to titles like The Crown, Stranger Things, and Love Is Blind. Those with an Amazon Prime subscription already have access to Prime Video. For a cheaper option, Apple TV+ costs jut $6.99 month and boasts award-winning shows including Severance, Ted Lasso, and The Morning Show.