'Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie' Is Streaming Right Now: How to Watch

'Hey Arnold!' finally received a proper finale back in 2017.

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Move it, Football Head! If you're looking to stream Hey Arnold!: The Jungle movie, you won't find it on Netflix. Instead, you'll have to head over to Paramount+ to stream it. (Click here for a free trial to Paramount+.)

Creator Craig Bartlett first announced the movie's release back at at San Diego Comic Con 2016 at a panel celebrating NickToons' 25th anniversary. Bartlett confirmed that Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie would debut Thanksgiving 2017. Fans were excited to learn that Bartlett came prepared to share concept art from the film, showing off the beloved characters' new looks. The creator went on to say production on the project had started and that long-time fans would certainly enjoy how meta the film would be.

Per Polygon, Bartlett said, "It's very meta and it answers just about every fan question I've ever gotten from fans over the years. The biggest question the movie will answer is who Arnold's parents are and what happened to them."

The news of the film finally coming out came as a shock for many, especially considering that Hey Arnold! show ended way back in 2004 with plenty of cliffhangers. Originally, The Jungle Movie was set to air around the show's ending, but the lackluster reception of Hey Arnold!: The Movie prevented the sequel from moving forward.

However, with time comes nostalgia, and dedicated fans managed to revive the Hey Arnold! franchise through sheer force of will. Those very same fans hoped this new movie would wrap up all of the franchise's loose ends, and Bartlett promised the film would do just that.

"I cant't [sic] give away too much information, and I don't want to spoil anything, but literally every question I've ever been asked will be answered," he stressed at the time. "I've collected all of the questions over the years!"

How to Watch Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie on Paramount+

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The easiest way to watch Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie will be on Paramount+Click here for free trial and subscription info. In addition to that film, Paramount+ is also the home of all episodes of Hey Arnold! and the previous movie, Hey Arnold! The Movie. Other Nickelodeon staples like SpongeBob SquarePants, Fairly OddParents, Rugrats, Danny Phantom, Rocko's Moden Life and Blue's Clues are also streaming on Paramount+.

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