TV Show Replacing Most Its Cast in Startling Shakeup

Animation fans were pretty upset in December when it was revealed that a beloved series was recasting most of its characters. The show in question is Hazbin Hotel, a fan-favorite (and very adult) YouTube show that is set to transition to a television network or streamer with the help of A24. While A24 nor series creator VivziePop have announced the home for the full iteration of the series, several cast members from the show's pilot were either not invited back or could not come to an agreed contract for the full series.

Recasting of pilots is typically not a huge deal, but Hazbin Hotel is a bit different. While most pilots are only watched by insiders or a limited audience, the Hazbin Hotel pilot has more than 70 million views on YouTube. Furthermore, the fanbase for the series is especially rabid, with countless pieces of fan art, fan fiction and other creations being shared daily in various forums. Changing the voices of these beloved characters (some of which had musical numbers) is quite a big decision. 

Among the cast members not returning are Michael Kovach (Angel Dust), Elsie Lovelock (Charlie Magne's singing voice), Gabriel C. Brown (Alastor's singing voice), Krystal LaPorte (Cherri Bomb's speaking voice), Michelle Marie (Niffty) and Josh Tomar (Tom Trench). Several of the stars sent passionate messages to the Hazbin Hotel fandom to thank them for all the love they'd expressed up until this point.

Kovach tweeted that voicing Angel Dust was "one of the greatest pleasures" of his life, adding, "I will always cherish my time with this character, as well as my time with the Hazbin Hotel fandom – you have all been so wonderful." LaPorte wrote, "Roles get recast, fame goes away, money dries up, shows ebb and flow. None of it is real. The only thing that IS real are the bonds you build throughout the journey." Lovelock also wished the show success in its final iteration, writing, "I wish the project every success as it goes on, and I'm sure the new voice of Charlie, speaking and singing, will be absolutely amazing."


Fan reaction to this was very negative at first, but it seems many have come around on the prospect of new actors voicing the demonic characters. Many were frustrated and confused about the recastings, especially since they weren't clarified by VivziePop or A24. As of this writing, the new cast has not been revealed, meaning there could be more original stars let go as the show nears release. In the meantime, the show's equally raunchy spinoff, Helluva Boss, has most of its first season available on YouTube. There are also Hazbin Hotel prequel webcomics available to read.