'Haters Back Off' Fans Fuming Over Netflix Cancellation

Netflix pulled the plug on Haters Back Off! after two seasons, and fans of the show are beyond irked.

The comedy series was based on Miranda Sings, a popular YouTube character created by Colleen Ballinger, so her troves of young fans have filled Twitter with angry and saddened messages about the cancellation.

Members of the character's 8-million-strong subscriber base characterized the cancellation as "unfair" and urged the streaming giant to reconsider.

"I can't believe that Netflix would decide to cancel Haters Back Off!," one user wrote. "It really is so so good. Colleen worked her butt of for months trying to get this show perfect and this is what she gets?? I really am so torn."


Another added, "Pissed off at Netflix. They didn't even bother to give haters back off season 2 a chance, they BARELY pushed it compared to their other originals. Colleen had to do all her own promo ALONE meanwhile they force auto play of trailers of random ratty shows in the top banner alright."