Has Disney+ Canceled a Huge Marvel Show?

The fate of one Marvel series is not hanging in limbo, at least according to those attached to the project. Amid growing rumors that Disney+ has canceled Armor Wars, the latest title to join the Marvel library, before the series even premiered, head writer and showrunner Yassir Lester addressed the show's fate, confirming that Armor Wars is still in development and not on the chopping block.

Lester commented on the rumors in a recent post to his Instagram Story, which was captured by Discussing Film. In just a handful of words, Lester confirmed, "I promise it is still coming out." He did not provide any further updates, such as when Armor Wars may premiere, and Disney+ has not provided further comment on the fate of the show, which many assumed to be canceled after Armor Wars was absent from Marvel's announcements at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

The upcoming series was first confirmed to be in the works during Disney's investor's presentation in December 2020. It was one of three new series announced by Marvel alongside Secret Invasion and Ironhart. At the time, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said, per Deadline, "One of the best things about expanding the MCU to Disney+ is that our team at Marvel Studios is finally able to do some of the things that we always wanted to do but didn't quite have the right outlet for."

Armor Wars is set to see Don Cheadle return as James Rhodes, better known as War Machine, with the series raising the question, "What would happen if Tony Starks technology fell into the wrong hands?" An August 2021 update announced that Lester had been tapped as head writer, with Feige set to produce the series. At the time, insiders told Deadline that Armor Wars was "still in its early days of development as a director still needs to be attached."


Little news has come out about the series, which is based on a seven-issue Iron Man story arc that was written by David Michelinie and Bob Layton, since that late 2021 update. Screenrant reported in June that the series was allegedly set to begin filming this fall, though those reports have not been confirmed. Disney has offered no comment about the standing of Armor Wars. Stay tuned to PopCulture.com for the latest streaming news!