'GLOW' Actress Kimmy Gatewood Talks Waiting on Netflix Show's Season 4 Renewal: 'It Is the Scariest' (Exclusive)

UPDATE: Netflix announced Friday GLOW will return for a foruth and final season in 2020.

If you think waiting for Netflix to announce GLOW's Season 4 renewal is stressful, imagine being on the cast of the critically-acclaimed comedy series. The show premiered its third season on August 9 and delivered heartwarming performances, hilarious moments and a huge cliffhanger ending that would make for a fascinating fourth season.

With Netflix doubling down on canceling shows lately, the fact the show —based around the fictionalized wrestling group, The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling — is a continuous Emmy Award nominee and beloved by fans does not fully ensure it will return for more episodes.

Kimmy Gatewood, who plays Stacey "Ethel Rosenblatt"/"Ozone" Beswick as part of the wrestling crew on the show, revealed to PopCulture.com the wait for the fate of the show is just as taxing for the cast and crew as it is for fans.

"We've heard nothing. We will find out when you do. It is the scariest," Gatewood told PopCulture.com in a phone interview Friday, Sept. 13. "I'm going to remain positive, though, because I think that there's more stories to be told, and I think we just started to gain even more momentum and I can't wait to see the stories played through... The stories that these group of women are going to continue to tell."

"There are so many characters that still have much more to give and I have more wrestling moves to show off," she added.

While some Netflix fans have been left brokenhearted after sudden cancellations of series like The OA, Gatewood says there is still plenty viewers can do to help while we wait for the streaming service's decision.

"Just keep talking about the show and telling everyone you know to tune in because Netflix likes to collect numbers, so just load up Netflix and click on GLOW. And you know, social media is always helpful," she said.

Gatewood also praised fans of the series for their continued support throughout the show's first three seasons.

"I have to say that the GLOW fans are absolutely incredible and some of the artwork and some of the kind messages have been so inspiring, especially because there's so many different voices represented on our show," she said. "I'm really proud to be a part of a show that can reflect our society a little more accurately and tell different stories."

During the interview, Gatewood revealed she was directing an episode of the streamer's upcoming series, The Baby-Sitters Club, which is set to star Alicia Silverstone. The actress shared she would love to step into the director's chair of GLOW in the future.

"It would be the dream of dreams. If I could just live at GLOW all year long..." she said. "Right before I got the show, I was going to leave the business and just like the acting. I was going to go run a podcast network and try to give it a go to be a director. And of course, that's when the real life became the show. GLOW pulled me back into acting."

"But I'm very passionate about storytelling and I love working with actors and I think being an actor has helped me become an even better director," she added. "I'm already such a fan of these girls that would just be pointing the camera at them at different angles and having fun... I would love to be a part of the storytelling process."


The first three seasons of GLOW are available to stream on Netflix.