Disney+ Fans Growing Frustrated Over Major Features Missing

Disney+ may have a massive catalogue of content, but resuming streaming should you walk away from [...]

Disney+ may have a massive catalogue of content, but resuming streaming should you walk away from a movie or series won't be easy. As 10 million subscriber's clamored to the platform on its Nov. 12 launch day, many took issue with the fact that the service does not offer a "resume" or "continue watching" feature, meaning that there is no way to tell where you had left off streaming when you return.

A "continue watching" feature is standard practice on fellow streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO, allowing subscribers to seamlessly pick up where they left off. Doing so on Disney+ is a much more difficult task, as users will instead be forced to go to the search bar and find the title they were watching. If you were in the midst of a series binge, for example, the platform will not show you which episode you left off on, meaning that subscribers need to remember themselves.

"[Disney Plus] is missing the most basic function to resume a place you left off in a series. It doesn't even have a continue watching list," one person wrote of the missing feature. "Even illegal sites have the option of showing you what episode you left off on. And the layout if awful."

"I have one complaint with it. There isn't a good resume play, I left my show at EP. 11 then pressed play again and it back to EP. 1," another commented. "Where is the resume play when we finish watching and continue next day like on Netflix."

According to ComicBook.com, the absence of the feature is not only upsetting, but also confusing, as it had been present within the first few hours of Disney+'s launch, though it soon disappeared. It is unclear if the company will bring the feature back.

Although well-received, Disney+ had been inundated with technical difficulties on launch day, which could possibly explain the missing "continue watching" feature. As the service officially went live early Tuesday morning, thousands of reports related to log-in issues and video streaming issues affecting those in the United States, parts of Canada, and the Netherlands began to filter in. Others reported issues with specific features on the platform, including missing titles and continued error messages.

In a statement addressing the technical difficulties, Disney said that "the consumer demand for Disney+ has exceeded our high expectations."