Disney+ Makes Noticeable Change to 'Miracle on 34th Street,' and Fans Are Unsettled

Disney unveiled the list of movies available on Disney+ when it launches in November, including some 20th Century Fox films produced decades before The Walt Disney Company acquired the studio. That includes the Christmas classic Miracle on 34th Street, which featured the Disney logo above its title in a tweet. Fans picked up on that, and it gave everyone an unsettling feeling after realizing just how much content Disney owns.

Disney finalized its purchase of Fox earlier this year, effectively closing down one of the major Hollywood studios and a rival. This means the studio now owns the Fox library, which includes hundreds of classics like Miracle on 34th Street and The Sound of Music. Curiously, Miracle on 34th Street got the "Disney" name added to its tweet, but The Sound of Music did not.

Miracle on 34th Street became an instant classic from the moment it was released. The film stars Edmund Gwenn as a Macy's Santa Clause who claims to really be Kris Kringle and teaches Maurene O'Hara and Natalie Wood's characters to believe in Christmas. The film famously shows Kris thought to be insane, and John Payne's attorney has to prove he really is Santa in court.

The 1947 movie was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar and won Oscars for George Seaton's screenplay, Valentine Davies' original story and for Gwenn's supporting performance.

Fans on Twitter blasted Disney for slapping its logo on the film.

"Nice try... But just because you own fox doesn't mean you can just slap your name on it," one fan wrote.

"Disney Miracle on 34th Street? Disney Miracle on 34th Street? Now that's a bold statement," another wrote.

"Hold on, wasn't Miracle on 34th Street a Fox film? What is this revisionist branding nonsense?" another chimed in.

"Is it bad I find seeing the word 'Disney' over the original Miracle on 34th Street weird? I know they bought Fox, but still," another wrote.

Disney is expected to include other family-friendly films in the Fox library on Disney+. Both The Sandlot and The Sound of Music will be added on launch date, which is Nov. 12.


Disney+ will cost $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year.

Photo credit: LMPC via Getty Images