'Deepa & Anoop' on Netflix: Get a First Look at Mattel's First Original Series (Exclusive)

Netflix is taking viewers to Mango Manor in its latest Netflix Family title, Deepa & Anoop. Marking Mattel's first original series not based on a previous franchise, the upcoming animated preschool series, scheduled for a Monday, Aug. 15 premiere, follows the adventures of 7-year-old Deepa and her best friend Anoop, a color-changing baby elephant, who together encourage Deepa's parents to enjoy a "staycation" in an exclusive clip for PopCulture.com.

The charming best friend duo find themselves taking the reins at Mango Manor, and breaking into song, after Deepa's parents reflect on their last vacation, with Deepa exclaiming, "Everyone else comes to Mango Manor for a vacation, and no one deserves a break more than you. So, why not take a vacation here." Encouraging their "staycation," Deepa tells her parents she and Anoop can take care of things as she encourages her parents to "pick up their feet" and "sit back and relax" in song.

The new preschool series, first confirmed to be in the works in July, follows the adventures of Deepa and Anoop, "self-appointed 'concierges of sun,'" as they help Deepa's parents at Mango Manor, the bed and breakfast run by Deepa's multigenerational family." Throughout the series, which has a strong focus on the authenticity of Deepa's Indian heritage, viewers are treated to 28 original song and dance performances with Bollywood influences.

"While Mattel is well-known for developing entertainment content based on our fan-favorite brands, we're excited to partner with Netflix to bring audiences a heartwarming, all-new series based on original IP," Soulie, who serves as senior vice president and general manager at Mattel Television, said in a statement. "Later this summer, fans will be delighted as Deepa and her best friend Anoop take on exciting challenges and lead colorful musical numbers that illustrate the importance of friendship. Deepa & Anoop is sure to make an impact on audiences globally."

Deepa & Anoop Season 1 consists of 11 half-hour episodes and two 22-minute specials. The series is created by Munjal Shroff, Dragon Tales writer Lisa Goldman, and Lisa Goldman, and executive produced by Mattel Television's Fred Soulie and Christopher Keenan. The voice cast includes Pavan Bharaj as Deepa, Veena Sood as Naani-ji, and Ana Sani as Mama. Deepa & Anoop Season 1 premieres on Netflix on Monday, Aug. 15, joining an expanding catalog of Netflix Family titles.