Courtney Love Slams 'Vile' New Pamela Anderson Series and Star Lily James

Courtney Love is not here for Hulu's new show Pam & Tommy, claiming in a lengthy post that the [...]

Courtney Love is not here for Hulu's new show Pam & Tommy, claiming in a lengthy post that the miniseries starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan was causing friend Pamela Anderson "complex trauma." The eight-episode series tells the story of Anderson's whirlwind romance with Tommy Lee in the 1990s in the lead-up to the leak of their honeymoon sex tape and also stars Seth Rogen, Nick Offerman, Taylor Schilling and Andrew Dice Clay.

The series is still in production, but Love came out strongly against it in a Sunday, May 16 Facebook post, according to Us Weekly. Love claimed production reached out to her to use her December 1994 Rolling Stone cover onscreen, but she refused to sign off. "I find this so f—ing outrageous," Love wrote in her post, which appears to have since been deleted from her profile.

Looking back on when Anderson and Lee's sex tape was released to the public after being stolen in 1995, Love recalled making a record with Patty Schemel and Melissa Auf def Maur when the news broke. "And the lone women in many recording studios in [L.A.] Where all ALL! The staff engineers producers owners were watching the sex tape with huge [schadenfreude] . . Guffaws ," Love wrote of her memory if the moment. "It was disgusting. I banned anyone discussing it. . It destroyed my friend Pamelas life . Utterly."

When production reached out to her for photo approval in the upcoming Hulu series, Love said she was "shocked," and responded strongly in the negative. "Gentleman [sic] don't approve this sort of thing," she added. The rocker continued that her "heart goes out to Pammy," as the buzz about the series was "further causing her complex trauma." She ended her message with a message for the actress portraying Anderson directly: "And shame on lily James whoever the f— she is."

Neither Lee nor Anderson have been involved in the Hulu production, nor have they commented on the project about their lives. James opened up about her upcoming role as Anderson to The Guardian this month, explaining of transforming into the quintessential blonde bombshell of the '90s, "I've been experimenting with wigs of late. Mixing it up. There really is something different about being blonde. I remember that from back in my Cinderella days." She continued, "I've never felt more nervous about a project, but I'm excited too. I want to keep pushing and stretching myself."