Cheryl Burke Hears From Married Couple With Trauma Bond in 'Red Table Talk' Exclusive Clip

A new episode of Red Table Talk premieres on Facebook Watch at 12 p.m. ET today, and Cheryl Burke sits with a married couple working through a traumatic bond. In an exclusive clip obtained by, a man named Justin Davis is with his wife talking about the issues he had with his mother. Davis said a man that his mother was dating when he was younger made her choose between him and her son, and when Davis' mother chose the man she was dating, it led to issues as he got older. Burke is seen in the clip listening to Davis tell his story. 

Burke appears on Red Table Talk to open up about the recent challenges she has dealt with. As the official synopsis states, Burke "reveals the devastating ways past wounds have affected her relationships, opening up about her recent divorce and why her four years of sobriety is 'not easy right now.'" The episode also features Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble  who "reveals the surprising ways our childhood experiences influence our adult relationships."

Burke married Matthew Lawrence in 2019 but filed for divorce in February of this year. The divorce was finalized in September, and on her podcast, Burke in the Game, the Dancing with the Stars pro said she is now focusing on herself. "I tend to really not trust anyone, and then I think about, 'Am I driving people to cheat on me?' I am not blaming me — definitely whoever has cheated on me in the past is not because of me, it's because of that person, but I do believe because I get so insecure at times and jealous and all of that, I tend to ... some people would like to use the word manifest, but I don't think I am manifesting someone to hurt me, but I am used to that, it feels like home," Burke said, per OK!


Burke has competed in 26 seasons of Dancing with the Stars and has won twice (Season 2 and Season 3). Most recently, Burke was featured in Season 31 of Dancing with the Stars with her partner, Good Morning America meteorologist Sam Champion. As mentioned by Heavy, Burke said on Instagram that "It feels really weird to be eliminated this early. However, I had the best time with my friend, my fam and my dance partner for life, Sam Champion." Red Table Talk is hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith, her daughter Williow, and her mother Adrienne Banfield Norris. New episodes air every Wendesday at 12 p.m. ET on Facebook Watch.