Charlie Hunnam Gives 'Wanted Man' Confession in New 'Shantaram' Exclusive Clip

Charlie Hunnam is coming clean on this week's episode of Shantaram. The Apple TV+ original series is heating up and Hunnam's character Lin can no longer beat around the bush when it comes to his criminal past. In the exclusive preview clip above, he bluntly explains his situation to Didier Levy (Vincent Perez) while somehow finding common ground with him as well.

"I'm a bank robber, Didier," Lin says at last. He confirms that he is wanted for imprisonment and possible execution back home in Australia and that the authorities are not likely to let him get away easily. Didier, a Frenchman acting as a middleman for various criminals in Bombay, is now forced to reconsider whether he is biting off more than he can chew by associating with Lin. However, Lin also points out that the two have a strong mutual understanding after Didier's savage beating in Episode 6.

This will be Season 1, Episode 9 of Shantaram, titled "Should I Stay or Should I Go." The drama-thriller will have a total of 12 episodes in its first season, so the action is definitely beginning to reach a crescendo. The show has lukewarm reviews so far among most critics, but it has just enough time to turn that momentum around with the right climax.

Shantaram is an adaptation of a novel by the same name written by Gregory David Roberts. Roberts published the book in 2003, saying that it was influenced by true events in his life, though its accuracy has often been called into question. Roberts did escape from prison in Australia and flee to India, but beyond that many of the characters were invented – either from whole cloth or by merging various personalities – for the story.

Of course, the show makes even more changes in the course of its adaptation. It begins with a man named Dale Conti (Hunnam) who is a former ambulance driver addicted to heroin and imprisoned for a violent bank robbery in the year 1980. He escapes from Pentridge Prison and becomes the most wanted man in Australia, and evades the authorities by fleeing to Bombay, India. There, he assumes the identity of Lindsay "Lin" Ford and falls in with a group of other immigrants embroiled in the criminal underworld of Bombay.


Shantaram airs on Wednesdays only on Apple TV+. The first nine episodes of the season are streaming now, and the season finale will premiere on Wednesday, Dec. 16.