'Central Park' Season 3: Abby Recruits Unusual Help To Confront Bitsy in Exclusive Sneak Peek Clip

Aspiring actress but current Bitsy Brandenham employee Abby Hunter has a mission on hand in an exclusive sneak peek clip shared with PopCulture.com of Central Park's upcoming episode, "A Killer Deadline," set to premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, Oct. 21. As Paige checks into a hotel to focus on two writing deadlines and Owen volunteers for a school kickball tournament that Molly is trying to avoid, Abby will be tackling an obstacle of her own: attempting to get Bitsy to change her schedule.

In the clip for the episode, Abby, who recently landed her first big commercial audition, needs to get her work schedule changed, but getting Bitsy, the disgruntled wealthy entrepreneur and hotelier, to agree to the change will be anything but easy and requires some outside influence. Determined to set things straight, Abby recruits the help of Swedish DJ Heini, who is tasked with making Bitsy "feel young and beautiful." Abby encourages him to "use all you're hot Swedish DJ moves on her," but as Bitsy and her assistant Helen step out of the Brandenham Hotel elevator, it quickly becomes clear that Abby's mission isn't as easy as it seems.

Unfamiliar with Bitsy, Heini is caught up in a moment of confusion, uncertain of which "oldie" he is supposed to woo. In his confusion, he mistakes Helen for Bitsy, turning on the charm as he says, "Uh, hello. Good afternoon. I'm DJ Heini. I have never seen such a gorgeous young creature as you." The hilarious mistake proves to possibly be detrimental to Abby's mission, with a flabbergasted Bitsy exclaiming, "Helen? This witch costume come to life?" Helen attempts to smooth things over by promising that she will have security escort Heini off the property and will get Bitsy a drink, but the damage seems to have already been done, because Bitsy says she doesn't want a drink.

As Bitsy walks away, a nervous Helen tells Abby and Heini, "I'm dead. She only gets nice or stops drinking when she's about to fire someone, and when she sees a cat eat a bird. She loves that." Abby vows that they will "just have to find another way to make her feel young," though Helen warns, "Nope. We're done. You're just making things worse." But Helen's fate, which is in Bitsy's hands, is the least of Abby's concerns as she tells the others, "I'm helping. I have to get my schedule changed."

New episodes of Central Park release Friday, with "A Killer Deadline" premiering Friday, Oct. 21 on Apple TV+. New Season 3 episodes drop weekly every Friday through Nov. 18. Stay tuned to PopCulture.com for the latest streaming news and updates!