'Bosch' Season 6: Jamie Hector Reflects on Show's Incredible Character Building, Praises 'Well Written' Stories (Exclusive)

Amazon Prime's hit cop-drama Bosch is back with an all-new season, and series star, Jamie Hector is reflecting on the show's incredible character building and very "well written" stories. Inspired by a series of novels from Eric Overmyer, Bosch stars Titus Welliver as veteran L.A.P.D. Det. Harry Bosch, as Hector portrays Det. Jerry Edgar, Bosch's partner.

While speaking to PopCulture.com exclusively, Hector praised how the show's producers and writers have worked with the actors to build the best possible versions of each character, saying that the "opportunity to build a character through seven seasons" has been really fantastic. Notably, earlier this year it was announced Bosch was renewed for a seventh season, which will be its last. This is obviously "bittersweet" for Hector, but he's much happier "knowing in advance when it's going to end instead of it just not coming back." Before then, however, fans get to see what happens to Jerry and Harry in Season 6, which Hector says is impressively "well written."

(Photo: Saeed Adyani)

While he has found a whole new fanbase by playing Jerry, many will recognize Hector from his time on The Wire, where he played drug kingpin Marlo Stanfield. In 2016, Rolling Stone ranked Marlo at #2 on its "40 Greatest TV Villains of All Time" list. Discussing his approach to the two very different characters with PopCulture, Hector said he's "never just any person" when it comes to a role. "I'm playing a person that's always flawed, right? So when playing Marlo, I did exactly what I was supposed to do, to reach to that point; and for Jerry, I decided to shadow a couple of detectives," he said.

Hector later adds that he actually did this when creating Marlo as well. "A lot of times they didn't know that I was shadowing them," he said. "I like to take a little bit here and take a little bit there and just try to create a painting."

Season 6 of Bosch finds Jerry exploring more of his Haitian heritage, which is something that stems from Hector's real life. Getting an opportunity to have his character share his background was very important to the actor, especially in the chance to showcase the culture on his show, which has been an amazing experience for the 44-year-old. When the show's writers and producers approached him to let them know their plans, Hector was ecstatic: "I said, 'Wow,' you know, 'Yes, lets do it! I'm excited about it!"


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