'Bosch' Season 6: Actor Jamie Hector Hopes New Episodes Will Take Fans Minds 'off Everything That's Going On' (Exclusive)

Season 6 of Amazon's hit cop series Bosch debuts on Friday, and series actor Jamie Hector hopes that the new episodes will help fans take their minds "off of everything that's going on." Hector is referring to the current global coronavirus pandemic, and subsequent quarantining that the majority of people are having to do.

"Well it's on there, right. And it's, well, it's amazing," Hector told PopCulture.com exclusively. He added that he believes "Bosch is going to be a great show" for fans to watch and "take your mind off everything that's going on out here, right outside your doors." In Bosch, Hector plays Detective II Jerry Edgar, who is partners with Titus Welliver's Harry Bosch. The seasoned actor went on to praise the series, saying that "it's a well written show" in which the Haitian descent that he and his character share is being more deeply explored in Season 6. Hector explained that Bosch producers reached out to him about the plans, and then brought him in to help map out the details. "I said, 'Wow,' you know, 'Yes, lets do it! I'm excited about it!"

(Photo: Saeed Adyani)

Notably, it was previously announced that Bosch will return for a seventh season, which will be the show's last. Hector acknowledges how "bittersweet" this is, since he is lucky enough to have had the "opportunity to build a character through seven seasons, and then knowing in advance when it's going to end instead of it just not coming back." He gives a lot of credit to Amazon for the incredible experience and the chance to end the story on their own terms. "It lives on forever," he says of the show being available in the company's Prime Video streaming service, then adding that once fans "get a glimpse of this season and see how amazing it is, they will go back and relive Seasons 1-6."

Hector later shared some insight into his incredible ability to really disappear into a role and become the characters he plays. He explained that it comes from a "combination" of his theater background and the research that he does before taking on a project. "My theater background prepared me for my on-screen work. Because you have to be prepared on stage or everyone around you can fail. Whereas on television, even if they [say], 'Cut. Go again. Cut. I want you to do it again," you get more takes until you get it right."


He then addressed the importance of research, saying that it "goes along with really trying to understand who that person is because that person is not you." Hector continued, "I mean who's that person is that I'm stepping into the shoes? Who's that person when they were two and who that person is when they were 14, who's that person when they're 40? Who is that person? And then I just try to really step into those shoes." Fans can catch Hector on the new season of Bosch, which debuts Friday on Amazon Prime.