'Black Mirror' Season 6 Is Officially on the Way

Netflix has reportedly ordered another season of Black Mirror, and fans can't wait. The anthology series has explored the fringes of sci-fi and horror in a myriad of dystopian future scenarios, some of which struck eerily close to home for many viewers. After a long hiatus, some fans wonder if they can really handle more episodes.

Sources close to the production told Variety that Black Mirror Season 6 is in the works at Netflix. They said that the new installment will be even more cinematic than previous seasons and that news on the writing and filming will be guarded more carefully than ever. The show reportedly began casting its new lineup in May, and it's not clear if any A-listers will be asked to join in this time. After about three years without a single new episode, some fans wonder whether Black Mirror can even dream up anything more surreal than real life in 2022.

Perhaps most exciting for die-hard fans, the new season will reportedly have more episodes than Season 5. Season 5 was comprised of just three new episodes -- the same as the first two seasons but down from Season 3 and Season 4, each of which had 6 episodes. They also said that each episode could be thought of as an individual film, which may have been a hint that episodes will be over an hour in length.

The swelling budget is no surprise considering how Netflix has invested in Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker. The writer and his creative partner Annabel Jones left their production company, House of Tomorrow, in January of 2020 and created an all-new company, Broke and Bones. Netflix immediately inked a huge deal with the new company which may reportedly total up to $100 million.

This name change nearly cost Brooker, Jones and Netflix the rights to the Black Mirror brand, however. According to a report by Variety, the rights to the title changed hands from House of Tomorrow's parent company to a new parent company, which then negotiated a favorable deal with Netflix to hand the show back over.


The deal comes just in the nick of time for Netflix, which has suffered some huge financial setbacks and bad press in recent weeks. Hopefully, a new season of Black Mirror can help set the course correctly, but there's no word yet on when that project might premiere. You can stream all five previous seasons plus the film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix now.