Apple TV+ Series Offers First Look at Season 3 Ahead of Its Anticipated Summer Return

Apple TV+ is offering a first look at a hit comedy series, ahead of its anticipated Season 3 return this summer. Trying, which stars Rafe Spall and Esther Smith, is coming back in July, and fans can see the first image from the news season below. It features the two main stars dancing together at a kids' birthday party, with both happily smiling at one another.

In Trying, Spall and Smith play Jason Ross and Nikki Newman, "a couple who really want to become parents but struggle with conceiving a child. In order to have the baby they want they decide to adopt, only to face a whole list of new challenges and surprises that come with the adoption process." The series first debuted in May 2020, on Apple TV+, with Season 2 premiering one year later, in May 2021. Fans have had to wait a little bit longer for Season 3, but will get to finally see what happens when it launches July 22, on Apple TV+.

(Photo: Apple TV+)

Ahead of the Season 2 premiere, spoke exclusively with the series stars, and they revealed how excited they were for the Season 3 renewal news. "It's such a joy of a job," Smith said at the time. "When I very first read Series 1, I was sat in a cafe, and I just flicked through page to page after page. I found it hilarious at one minute and I was crying the next, and I found that was a pattern that kind of followed through. I knew I had to be part of this show." 

Smith then went on to praise the way Trying handles character development across its seasons. "And then to get to do it with Series 1, and see what we'd made to come out, and the joy in the heart of that show was really special; then to get to do it again for Series 2 — what a joy," she said. "It's such a brilliant show and also such a brilliant show to shine light on a subject matter that I think is not necessarily represented enough and great to give a voice to that in some way."


Echoing Smith's sentiments, Spall confessed that the series is one of his "favorite things" to do. "It felt like what I'd been waiting for because it feels like the sort of show that I'd like to watch," the 38-year-old said. "It's got that sort of perfect balance of comedy and pathos, and I get to hang out with Esther all day, which is a great pleasure. We really get on. She's my favorite person I've ever done acting with."