TV Host Sets Return After Hiatus

One popular TV personality is headed back to the airwaves after a hiatus. Adam Sessler, one of the co-hosts of Xplay, is headed back to television (and streaming). The G4TV personality was one of the hosts of the previous Xplay run that aired on G4, and he returned to the network for its relaunch in 2021. However, he's had to take a few breaks since the reboot launched, mainly due to health issues he and his wife have been dealing with. He's been MIA for a few months, with some of his most recent appearances coming in the reviews of Elden Ring and Ghostwire: Tokyo.

However, Sessler's latest hiatus comes to an end on July 12. Sessler's co-hosts revealed he'd be back with the Xplay crew after the show itself takes a one-week break. It's unclear if he'll be in-studio or if he'll appear remotely, as he often does.

"Before we actually get into the show, we have a major announcement," Corey "The Black Hokage" Smallwood said on Wednesday's episode of Xplay Live. "We will not be live next week, but, there's a reason why. It's because the following week on July 12, we will be coming back in our new refreshed format. And Adam Sessler will be returning to the show. ... We will not be live on next Tuesday but we will be returning on July 12 alongside Mr. Sessler."

Fellow co-host Jirard "The Completionist" Khalil also took the chance to acknowledge to Xplay viewers who just won't quit asking about Sessler's whereabouts. He said, "There we go. Chat, now you can stop asking where Adam went." Sessler himself confirmed the news shortly thereafter.

Sessler and his family have had a tough past year on the health front. Sessler was hospitalized in August 2021 for spine/back issues, including radiculopathy and bulging discs. He underwent surgery at that time. In December 2021, the video game journalist, who is also known for his work for Rev3 Games, revealed his wife had "an alarmingly large brain lesion." In February 2022, Sessler's wife revealed an update on her health to fans via his account. She explained she was to undergo a "craniotomy for tumor resection" and asked Xplay fans if they would "please give Adam a break while he attempts to navigate through rough days ahead." Sessler later confirmed the surgery was successful.


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