'New Girl' Is Leaving Netflix for Two Other Streaming Services

03/14/2023 12:48 pm EDT

In just over a month, the beloved and binge-able sitcom New Girl will leave Netflix, but it will immediately become available on Hulu and Peacock instead. After about 10 years, Netflix's monopoly on this fan-favorite is ending under a new shared agreement with Disney and NBCUniversal. According to a report by BGR, both streamers will have all seven seasons of the series.

New Girl aired from 2011 to 2018 on Fox, and during that time it garnered a considerable audience on Netflix as well. For those that love to binge-watch and re-watch network sitcoms, this is one of the classics, so it's no wonder that fans see this as the end of an era in a way. New Girl will leave Netflix on Monday, April 17 and will then be available on Peacock and Hulu. For those using the ad-supported tiers of Peacock and Hulu, this will mean a price reduction for New Girl, but of course, fans will always grumble about signing up for a new service.

New Girl starred Zoey Deschanel as Jess Day, a quirky woman in her late 20s who moves out of her home when she catches her live-in boyfriend cheating on her there. In haste and desperation, she answers an ad on Craiglist and moves into a loft with three men: Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Coach (Damon Wayans Jr.) Much of the comedy in these early episodes comes from the new co-ed living situation as well as the disparity in ambitions and expectations between bachelors in their late 20s and a heartbroken woman like Jess.

The cast is rounded out by Hannah Simone as Cece, Jess' long-time best friend and Lamorne Morris as Winston Bishop, who takes Coach's room when he moves out to live with a girlfriend. Over the course of the series, these friends and roommates have crushes, feuds, romances and falling outs.

The series was created by writer and actress Elizabeth Meriwether, who has said that the initial premise was somewhat autobiographical. She remained the driving creative voice behind the series for its entire run, though she shared "showrunner" duties with sitcom veterans Brett Baer and Dave Finkel. The show maintained generally positive reviews throughout its run and continues to enjoy status as a binge-worthy comedy with some truly heartfelt storytelling built in.

New Girl is streaming now on Netflix, but not for long. On Monday, April 10, the series will leave Netflix and there will be one week gap before it becomes available on Hulu and Peacock on Monday, April 17. The series is also available on DVD for fans interested in retaining a copy for themselves.

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