'The OA' Season 3: Netflix Users Still Rallying to Save Canceled Series

Fans of The OA haven't kept quiet about their desire to save the show. The supernatural sci-fi series was canceled by Netflix in August of 2019 after two seasons -- and leaving it ending on a cliffhanger. While initial hopes were pinned on a movie to wrap up the storyline, it became clear that option wasn't in the cards, either.

Still, more than six months later, the show's loyal viewers have rallied once again around the #SaveTheOA hashtag in hopes the streamer will give the show a chance to finish its story.

"Just like [Lost], [The OA] is another show that is hard to explain but is beautiful and thought-provoking; you have to pay attention (and trust me, some people think they know but they don't)," wrote one fan. "[Netflix], The OA deserves the chance to finish its story."

"Just binged [The OA] again and I think [Apple TV+] or [HBO] should pick it up if they know what's good for them," wrote another.

One viewer aimed their tweet at Netflix directly while going to bat for the show's star, Brit Marling. "Just a reminder that Bring Marling exists since you guys seemed to forget about her."

"I just watched [The OA] and it is the most awe-inspiring show I have ever had the privilege to experience," added yet another. "THANK YOU [Brit Marling], Jason Isaacs], Zal [Batmanglij] and all the incredible humans involved for hurting my brain and my heart in the best way. It shouldn't end like this."

The OA first premiered on Netflix back in late 2016, with a second season following in March of 2019. At first, the story centered on Prairie Johnson (Marling), who after going missing as a young girl, mysteriously returns. While she doesn't share any information with the authorities, she assembles a group of ragtag high school students (and one teacher) and begins revealing more about her captor -- as well as other dimensions.


Given the show's penchant for bending viewers' minds, some thought that the initial news about the show's cancellation was fake. However, as the online traffic proves, it's still very real.

While the cancellation is unfortunate, there is an upside. One of The OA's writers, Claire Kiechel, has been tapped to pen the Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon.