'Love Is Blind' Star Amber Pike Under Fire for Posting Photos With Dead Deer She Killed on Hunting Trip

Amber Pike, one of the stars of Netflix's breakout reality series Love Is Blind, is facing backlash after she shared a photo of herself from a hunting trip. Initially shared in 2014, the post, showing Pike posing next to the deer she had killed, reignited backlash following her rise to fame on the Netflix series.

"FINALLY saw a deer... Which naturally also means I got my first kill," Pike captioned the post at the time. "She might not be real big, but she's not real small either. Victoryyyy!"

She added the hashtags "bout time," "first deer," and "one shot one kill," among several others, immediately igniting outrage among some social media users.

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A second photo again showed her posing next to the deer, which was laying in the bed of her truck with the bullet wound visible. She added the caption "deer selfie" and wrote in the hashtags that she was "so stoked."

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"What [the f—] gives you the right to kill an animal," commented one person. "Priviliged."

"This pic hurt me very much... It's horrible ! how can you do this and feel happy about it," wrote somebody else.

"How can you think this is ok!!!!" asked another. "Where is the compassion. Karma is a b–."

"Unbelievably disrespectful and describes you as a person... so sad that people like you get to become famous," wrote somebody else.

Pike later updated the post addressing the backlash she had received, writing that she was "sorry if the image offends you, but I am NOT sorry that I hunt."

"You are more than welcome to your own opinions on hunting, I'm certainly not asking that you participate," she added. "I am asking though, that you respect my position on it as well."

Writing that she is "from the South," where "hunting is just a part of life in Southern culture," she explained that "we use every bit of meat from the animals we kill."


She continued, explaining that "an area overpopulated by deer can actually be detrimental to that ecosystem. This is why deer populations are regulated by the Gaming Commission under the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, meaning that you actually have to have a license to hunt and are only allowed to do so during certain seasons and have a limit on how many deer you can kill."

Love is Blind available for streaming on Netflix.