'Saved by the Bell' Stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Amber Theissen's Involvement Revealed

Mark-Paul Gosselaar has given fans some new details on the Saved By the Bell reboot, and how he and his former co-stars will be involved. Gosselaar discussed the upcoming show in a new interview with TV Line, saying that he and Tiffani Thiessen will make some appearances in the show.

"As far as I know, she will be in an episode or two with me," Gosselaar said of Thiessen.

Gosselaar himself is guest-starring in three episodes of the revival, so it sounds like he will be in just one without Thiessen. Gosselaar is also working behind the camera as an executive producer. He said that Thiessen had other obligations that kept her away from the set and prevented her from being more involved.

"She was, at the time, working on [Netflix's Alexa & Katie]," he said. He himself was tied up with his work as a series regular on Mixed-ish at ABC.

Gosselaar said it was not a conscious choice to keep his and Thiessen's roles to a minimum. He said that it "wasn't necessarily because of our desire to do it. It was more of a commitment to other things."

In fact, Gosselaar said he was pleased to be able to work at NBC at all while he was still tied up with ABC's sitcom.

"The fact that ABC is allowing me to do something for NBC, I'm super gracious that they're allowing me to do that," he said.

Gosselaar had previously confirmed that he and Thiessen would return to their roles as Zach Morris and Kelly Kapowski in the Saved By the Bell reboot, though he had tried to keep expectations low. In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, he said: "Everybody can sleep well at night. I think Tiffani has been engaged with. It looks like you will have us in some capacity."

In the world of network TV, two or three appearances in a season may just be "some capacity," but in today's streaming era, that's about a third of a season. Right now, IMDb has entries for just 10 episodes of the Saved By the Bell reboot, so that may be all we get in the early installment.

Save By the Bell is coming to NBCUniversal's new streaming service Peacock, which launches in April. Peacock will bring some big changes to the streaming industry as the first major player with a completely free membership tier.

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Peacock will launch on April 15 for Xfinity customers first. It will then be available for the rest of the world on July 15. The ad-supported tier, Peacock Free, will have a slightly reduced catalogue, and will not include many of the live events on the paid version. Peacock Premium will cost $4.99 per month, and will include no ads and more programming.

Check your internet service provider for information on when you can sign up for Peacock.