'Sons of Anarchy' Actor Kim Coates Says He Initially Passed on Tig Trager Role


'Sons of Anarchy' Actor Kim Coates Says He Initially Passed on Tig Trager Role

Netflix Sent Its Official Email out About Prices Rising, and Viewers Are Angry

Netflix announced plans to raise prices again for subscribers and some are now getting their official emails from the streaming service about it. As you can expect, subscribers are not happy about it.

"Netflix is getting into the holiday spirit by raising monthly prices again," Twitter user Logan Liffick wrote.

"Netflix is smoking crack if they think theyโ€™re gonna keep raising their prices AND removing my fave shows like????" Twitter user Annie added.

"Netflix sent me an email saying my prices are gonna change next month," Slim Ave wrote, including a crying emoji in his tweet.

Of course, Netflix knows people will still pay the new prices because it's the only way to see shows like Stranger Things and Orange Is The New Black.

Netflix announced on Oct. 5 that prices for its two most popular plans are going up. The most common, its standard plan, will increase from $9.99 to $10.99 a month. The premium plan will make an even steeper climb, increasing from $11.99 to $13.99 per month. The only plan not affected is its basic plan, which will stay at $7.99 a month.

It's possible that these prices could go up again soon, since Netflix still isn't the most expensive streaming service out there. CBS' Showtime offers an over-the-top streaming service for $11 a month, while HBO Now costs $15 per month.

However, Netflix will want to keep an eye on Disney's new service. Disney CEO Bob Iger said last week that its streaming service will be priced "substantially below" Netflix. Disney's service is expected to launch next year.