WWE's Alexa Bliss and Ryan Cabrera Are Engaged

WWE star Alexa Bliss, whose real name is Lexi Kaufman, is now engaged. Musician Ryan Cabrera popped the question, catching the professional wrestler off-guard. She responded by tearing up and saying yes.

Bliss posted a photo of the moment that she said yes on Twitter. This image came from an Instagram video showing the couple from a distance. They stood side-by-side next to a large bouquet of flowers. Cabrera then reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring before getting down on one knee. While he gave his speech, Bliss held her hand over her mouth.

"I am the luckiest man in the world, I'm going to marry the kindest, sweetest, funniest, most thoughtful, brilliant woman, I have ever met in my life!!!" Cabrera wrote in an Instagram post. "The only other woman I know that has the exact same qualities as my mother who is perfect in my eyes!! The best day I’ve ever had in my 38 years on this planet to date ...I love you always and forever Lex!!! People will always have their opinions, but LOVE will always conquer, and that’s how I choose to live my life."

When both high-profile celebrities posted the videos, several of their friends and supporters offered their congratulations. Lance Bass said that this engagement makes him so happy. Similarly, former Yellowcard lead singer William Ryan Key said that he is so happy for both Bliss and Cabrera.

While the majority of comments expressed support for the newly-engaged, Mike the Miz took a different out. Yes, he did say that he was happy for both Bliss and Cabrera, but he also joked about the singer's outfit. "Congrats truly incredible. Especially since she let you borrow her coat for the occasion," he wrote on Instagram.


The engagement took place one year after Bliss and Cabrera originally met, which is also a unique story. Rumors surfaced that they were dating, so they decided to actually meet each other. This moment kickstarted a romance that culminated in the engagement.

"It’s funny how we met. We met because of a rumor that we were dating," Bliss explained on The Bellas Podcast in August. "When TMZ put that out, we were friends then. You know how WWE fans are? They are very passionate and into our personal lives. He was liking some of my tweets, and a fan saw that and started a whole Instagram that we were dating and tagged everyone in the company."