WWE: NXT Superstar Adam Cole Reportedly Injured

NXT superstar Adam Cole has a matchup on the docket against Matt Riddle, the King of Bros, but he may be limited during the battle. The pair of WWE Superstars is set to face off against one another on Wednesday with the championship belt on the line, but the injury report lists Cole as questionable with "radius fracture to his right arm," as Cageside Seats reports.

This injury, which many are viewing as questionable in its legitimacy, reportedly came about during his attempts to intimidate Riddle last Wednesday. The King of Bros used a submission hold on Cole following his victory over Killian Dain. This seemed to be another moment in the ongoing storyline featuring the two wrestlers, but Cole did release a hype video for his upcoming bout and was seen wearing a soft cast.

Granted, Cole did keep pointing to the cast while saying that Riddle will "do anything in his power to make sure he has any advantage."

As further evidence that this could possibly be an NXT storyline instead of an actual injury, Cole did continue pointing to his cast while talking about how the belt will never leave his side.

That being said, there is also evidence to support Cole's injury being legitimate. Along with the injury report, there is also the issue of him not wrestling since late August. He wrestled in Tampa on Aug. 24 but hasn't been active in the ring since.

Additionally, Cole was also removed from the NXT's Midwest Tour, per the Wrestling Observer. He was slated to appear for the three shows in Missouri, Iowa and Mississippi but will no longer be on site.


Ultimately, it won't matter if the injury is legitimate or staged for dramatic effect. What will be far more critical for Cole and the Undisputed Era is that he reigns victorious on Wednesday. According to his hype video, losing is not in the realm of possibility. In fact, Cole will be using his victory to send a message to anyone that may come for the belt.

"This Wednesday on the USA Network when I defend my championship against you, now it means so much more than just retaining my NXT Championship. Now I need to send a message," Cole said in the Twitter video. "I need to send a message to you and that NXT locker room. And that is, 'if you get in our way, we will hurt you!' I can promise you that."