WWE Legend Booker T Tested Positive for COVID-19 in June, But Only Just Now Got His Results

With several sports taking place amid COVID-19, there is a need for rapid testing results in order to ensure availability for matches. WWE legend Booker T is fortunate that he is not actively entering the ring on a regular basis. He tested positive for coronavirus back in June, but he did not get his results until months later.

Booker revealed on his Hall of Fame podcast this week that he tested positive for the coronavirus. The CDC provided the information after reportedly losing his results. The wrestling legend also revealed that he experienced symptoms and felt sick, so he took extra precautions. He self-quarantined until he felt better and then took three more tests. He tested negative on each.

"About an hour ago, from the CDC, they told me that I have tested positive for the coronavirus back at the end of June," Booker said, per 411Mania. "I never got my result back, but they called me, rest assured, today to tell me that back at the end of June when I got tested, I tested positive. And I've had three tests since then, and they all came back negative.

"It just goes to show how backed up we really are with this system that we're working with as far as people finding out if they got this, or if they don't got — I'm living proof. I'm living proof. Thank God I'm still here, and I got a healthy immune system. And God spared me on this one, but I could have been one of the nearly 200,000 that didn't know I had this and I was gone and on my way to the next life."

As Booker continued to explain, he experienced many of the well-known symptoms. He had night sweats and headaches. He also lost his sense of smell and taste for two full weeks. When he noticed these major issues, he made the choice to stay away from his entire family. He quarantined in the "west wing" of his house and stayed there until he started feeling better.


The WWE legend is one of the many athletes that drew attention after testing positive for coronavirus, albeit in a very different manner. Both Austin Dillon and Jimmie Johnson of NASCAR fame missed a race after testing positive while Houston Rockets star Russell Westbrook arrived at the NBA bubble late. These athletes ultimately recovered and continued competing in their respective sports, much like Booker returned to his daily life. They just learned of their positive tests much earlier.