WWE: Lana and Bobby Lashley's 'Raw' Wedding Featured Major Goof

WWE Superstar's Lana and Bobby Lashley had their wedding on Monday Night Raw this week, and just like any other wedding in pro wrestling, it involved a ton of drama. But one of the things that stood out about the wedding was not only the drama that ensued, but it was also what Lana had on her face. During the ceremony, fans noticed something was on Lana's face and it was determined that she had bonzer. That hasn't been confirmed, but social media had fun with it.

The reactions continued with fans being critical of Lana and Lashley, but there were also compliments for Lana for her acting abilities. It was clearly a mistake and everyone in the ring was able to keep their composure.


As for the wedding, it was ruined thanks to Lana's ex-husband Rusev who came out of the giant cake and attacked Lashley. But before that, Liv Morgan, who has been off WWE TV for months, came out and confessed her love for Lana. Looks like the next episode of Monday Night Raw will have its share of fireworks.