WWE Fans Are Done With Ronda Rousey After Survivor Series Botch

WWE fans are not happy with Ronda Rousey. The SmackDown Women's Champion defended her title against Shotzi at Survivor Series WarGames on Saturday. Fans were angry that Rousey won the match, but they were also angry about a major botch that happened when the two were competing. As Shotzi was going for a DDT on the apron, Rousey didn't let go of the rope, causing Shotzi to fall to the ground. Fans went after Rousey on Twitter. 

"Here ya go… Ronda Rousey is the worst Women's Champion of the modern era," the Twitter account JDFromNY wrote. "She brings no value or importance to anything she does. The company would be better off without her. This match with Shotzi was terrible & didn't belong on PPV, with WE WANT SASHA CHANTS." 

"Can't believe the rookie Shotzi had to carry the so-called champion Ronda in this match… TAKE THE DAMN TITLE OFF HER IMMEDIATELY!!!" another fan added. During the match, the hashtag "Fire Ronda Rousey" was trending because the botch was obvious. What bothers fans is Rousey is the champion and is making the same mistakes. But not everyone is against the former UFC star. 

"You know what, imma get hate for this but f— it. Ronda gets a lot of undeserved hate," one fan explained. "I understand she may not the greatest in the ring or on the mic, but people are blowing this way out of proportion. She is not as bad as people claim she is, nor does she deserve to be fired."  

Another fan also shows support for Rousey. "I'll never get behind someone losing their job for struggling," the person said. "She definitely needs a reset, however. Let her drop the title at the rumble then start a stable with Shayna and Sonya. They can torment the division for a bit. Maybe chase the tag titles."

Rousey, 35, made sporadic appearances in WWE from 2014-2017. She signed with the company on a full-time basis in 2017 and made her in-ring debut at WrestleMania 34 in 2018. Rousey won the Raw Women's Championship later that year and lost it to Beck Lynch at Wrestlemania 35 in 2019. She then took time off and returned to WWE in January 2022 at the Royal Rumble. She won the SmackDown Women's title in May and again in October after losing it in July.