WWE: How One Hallway Changed Edge's Life

Edge had fans scratching their heads after seeing his latest Instagram post. Over the weekend, the WWE Superstar shared a photo of a hallway at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio. He knew fans would be asking why he posted a hallway photo with nobody in it, which led to him telling a very interesting story.

"This hallway was instrumental to [Edge and Christian] and The Hardy Boyz taking flight," Edge wrote. He then starts the story which all occurred in 1999 and the Gund Arena in Cleveland. "I was living in the Bahamas(don't ask), and got stuck in Miami the night before the ppv because of a hurricane," Edge continued. "I woke up and realized I needed to drive through the hurricane, get to Tampa where I could make a flight to Cleveland that landed at 3, and got me to the arena at 4. Our match was at 7:30."

Edge went on to say that he met with "Jay, Matt and Jeff huddled in this hallway." They were able to put their minds together and come up with the ladder match. Edge said the match "propelled us to where we all are now, still going strong 22 years later. After that match we all came back to this hallway and had a beer. Which we all hate but seemed fitting. So yeah, this hallway is special to me, as silly as it sounds, and I got to spend some time there again yesterday and reflect."

The match Edge is referring to ended with Matt and Jeff Hardy beating Edge and Christian. The match was the longest on the card, and as Edge mentioned, the tag team ladder match became a staple in WWE. It was the ninth ladder match overall but the first as a tag team. Edge competed in six ladder matches overall while winning three of them. The WWE Superstar with the most ladder match appearances is Jeff Hardy with 12.


Edge returned to WWE in January 2020 after being out of action for 10 years due to a neck injury. A few months later, Edge suffered an injury at Backlash and missed seven months of action. He returned to action at the Royal Rumble in January of this year and won the Royal Rumble match. After losing to Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship twice, Edge will likely face Seth Rollins at SummerSlam in August.