WWE Allegedly Denied WCW Legend's Rehab Assistance Request

Marcus "Buff" Bagwell, a former WCW and WWE star, recently opened up about getting help. In his new podcast called Rebuilding Buff, Bagwell revealed that WWE denied his request for rehab after reaching out for assistance. Instead, he said he received aid from WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page and is looking to work in AEW. 

"You ready for this one? WWF [WWE] turned me down on going to rehab," Bagwell said, per Wrestling Inc. "I want to put that in your head and let you run with that, and just think about Scott Hall going 4 and 5 times, that crazy, crazy, crazy ass girl, that Dustin Rhodes was married to, that went 5 and 6 times. Not to mention Road Dogg… you kidding me? You think he went once? They went every time they could, I ask once and they deny me. They deny me, bro. Here I am trying to get better, I've come to them, on what they want me to do, which is get better, and it's not like I'm off the chain."  

Bagwell went on to say that he continues to work out and would love to get back in the ring. "I mean, I'm in shape, you can tell by my body. I'm in shape, I'm at the gym every day. I feel great and all that, but still, you know, I could use something like that to get my life completely straight up, and a company like AEW could take me for real, you know? 

"And that's where Dallas is really behind this thing, is more like, look, he goes, 'You're a great guy, it's just nobody thinks nothing's wrong with you because you look great, you sound great, but you don't act like it, you need help. You need help.' And I said, 'I agree, I agreed with you, I'm with you.'"

Back in May, Bagwell was arrested in Cobb County, Georgia after leaving the scene of an accident he was involved in. Along with the accident he had in August 2020, Bagwell was facing a slew of charges, including Giving False Name/DOB/Address, Open Container, Hit & Run/Duty of Driver, Following Too Closely, No License on Person. From the August 2020 arrest: DUI Marijuana/Controlled Substance, DUI Drugs/Any Combination 1-3 Less Safe, DUI Drugs Misdemeanor, DUI Drugs Misdemeanor, Reckless Driving and Speeding just to name a few.