WWE's Alexa Bliss Says Her Pet Pig Is 'Cuter Than My Butt'

Alexa Bliss loves her fans, but she has a request from them. The WWE Superstar appreciates the comments on her physique, but she wants those fans to show love for her pet pig, Larry Steve. TMZ recently caught up with the former WWE Women's champion after she complained about fans commenting on her behind more than Larry Steve.

"Here's the thing, I think Larry's a lot cuter than my butt," Bliss said. "So I feel like he needs to get all the likes in the world."

Bliss saw the story by TMZ and she responded on Twitter: I mean, I'm not wrong."

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Sometimes I actually Smile in pictures... and yes, there’s my Butt. Enjoy. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

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This led to a number of fans responding to Bliss's statement, with some agreeing to disagree.

"I do agree that your pig is cute, but I must respectfully disagree on the other part," another fan wrote.

"Twitter would disagree with you based off of your completely scientific experiment," another fan added.

It looks like fans will continue to show love for Bliss's physical traits more than Larry Steve. At the same time, fans love Bliss for what she can do in the ring. Bliss has been a big part of women's evolution in wrestling in the last few years, but she feels like there's more that needs to be done. She and her friend, Ember Moon, appeared on WWE Backstatge last month and she revealed she wants more women like Moon to get more opportunities.


"We're only as good as the amount we have carrying this evolution, and if we're only focusing on a certain number of women, where do we go from there?" Bliss told Comicbook.com.

Bliss, 28, has been with the WWE since 2013. She started in NXT and she was part of the organization for three years before moving to the main roster. She made her WWE TV debut on SmackDown Live in 2016 and emerged as one of the top female stars on the roster. Bliss has won Raw Women's Championship three times, the SmackDown Women's Championship twice and she won the Women's Tag Team Championship with Nikki Cross.