Wrestler Suspended for Slapping Influencer

A pro wrestler has been suspended for slapping an influencer. On March 4, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide held a show with National Wrestling Alliance as part of "The World is a Vampire" music festival. Chessman sparked some controversy when he slapped Adrián Marcelo at the festival, according to Fightful. The incident was caught on video, which led to AAA announcing that Chesmann has been suspended for two weeks

Marcello went to Twitter to talk about the situation. He said if AAA doesn't clarify what happened with the incident within the next week, he will hit the company with a lawsuit. "You guys can't see the hit, but my neck hurts a s— ton. Just wanted to post in IG Story & I am tagging AAA & and I want to ask Dorian (Roldán) if there will be a statement or if they will clarify anything because if I don't see that within this week, I will present a lawsuit, plain & simple. In the video you can see what he (Chessman) did & there are many elements to proceed. I just demand an explanation & want to know what will happen. At the very least, I want to know from the AAA Director to see what the f— happened with Chessman & why he did that," Marcelo said. (Translated by Luis Pulido)."

Some people beleive this incident is a work. As mentioned by Wrestling Inc., a clip from the show Adrian Marcelo Presents shows Marcelo having a conversation with AAA General Manger Dorian Roldan. It was determined that Chessman would issue an apology to Marcelo next week in Monterrey. Wrestling Inc. mentioned that the two could settle their differences at TripleMania in Monterrey on April 16. 

Chessman, 47, made his professional wrestling debut in 1996 and joined AAA in 2001. During his time in AAA, Chessman won the Latin American Championship, the World Mixed Tag Team Championship, the World Tag Team Championship twice, the World Trios Championship three times, the Mexican National Tag Team Championship and the Mexio National Atómicos Championship three times. He has been part of several factions, including The Black Family, Luch Libre Latina, La Secta Cibernetica, La Secta del Mesías and Los Hell Brothers.