WNBA Champion Seattle Storm Endorse Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

The Seattle Storm, who recently won the WNBA Championship, has done something that is very rare in sports. On Wednesday, the team took to Twitter to announce they are endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the upcoming presidential election. The team also encouraged fans to join them by voting early.

"I'm honored to join my [Seattle Storm] co-owners, [Lisa Brummel] & [Dawn Trudeau] to endorse the [Joe Biden & Kamala Harris] ticket for President," Storm co-owner Ginny Gilder wrote on Twitter. "We don't typically endorse candidates, but these are NOT typical times." Gilder also talked about the team's endorsement to the Seattle Times and said the support of Biden and Harris goes hand-in-hand with the team's values.

"There’s a certain value set that the Storm organization represents that we try to deliver on whenever the owners take a stand on anything," Gilder said to the Seattle Times Wednesday. "I don’t think we caught anyone in our organization off guard." The WNBA has been active when it comes to social and political change. And while the move is rare, it's something that falls in line with what the Storm co-owners stand for.

"Any women’s professional sports league lives at the corner of business, sport and social change by virtue of the huge amount of sexism that exists in this country with respect to women and sport,” Gilder said. The Storm are coming off their fourth WNBA Championship win after beating the Las Vegas Aces in the WNBA Finals. It's the second time in three years the Storm have won the title.

"We had our full roster," veteran storm player Sue Bird said after Game 3 of the WNBA Finals. "We knew that from the beginning that I guess we had a leg up on a lot of teams from that standpoint. We were really lucky. We talked about early, being very lucky that we had our full roster."