Will Ferrell Makes Surprise Appearance at Warriors Game, Dresses as Iconic Movie Character

Will Ferrell made a surprise appearance at the Golden State Warriors game on Tuesday night before the team took on the Los Angeles Clippers. The 54-year-old actor warmed up with the Warriors to get them out of their five-game losing streak, and he was in his Jackie Moon jersey from the 2008 basketball film Semi-Pro. According to ESPN, it was fitting for Ferrell to dress as Moon since Warriors star Klay Thompson was Moon for Halloween three years ago. 

Warriors coach Steve Kerr explained how Ferrell took over the Chase Center. "He actually emailed me a while back and I didn't believe it was him," Kerr said. "So, we exchanged a couple of emails and concocted a plan. You know he is a huge Klay Thompson fan, and he knows how much Klay loves dressing up as Jackie Moon, so it felt like a natural fit and it felt like the time to do it, too — make everyone laugh in a tough stretch in the season and he was great. He came into the locker room and made the guys laugh. Everybody loved seeing him and hearing from him. He's hilarious. It was just something different."

Thompson said he would watch Semi-Pro while rehabbing from multiple injuries the last two years "When I had some dark days I would put that movie on and it would make me smile. I'm very thankful for that film," Thompson said. "That was so cool, dreams do come true.'' While warming up, Ferrell hit a three-point shot and recorded an assist when he passed the ball to Stephen Curry. 

"I'm under contract," Ferrell told The Associated Press. "So this is the very first tryout with the team, let's see what happens." Ferrell was also asked if he had fun, to which he replied, "Well, it's what I do." He was also asked about his half-court shot, and he said "I make those in my sleep." 

Curry loved shooting around with Ferrell. "It was fun, and I'm glad we took advantage of it,'' Curry said. "... I think we fed off the energy. I was actually surprised, his form, he actually had some good rotation on the ball, and endless energy. I don't know how.'' The Warriors went on to beat the Cavaliers 112-97.