Watch Peyton Manning Dress as Elvis Presley and Throw a Touchdown Pass

When Peyton Manning is not busy appearing in commercials, the former NFL quarterback is making a new ESPN+ series, Peyton's Place. During each episode of the show, Manning will be visiting cities important to NFL history as the league marks its 100th season. The series kicks off with an episode in Memphis, which can only mean one thing: a trip to Graceland and Manning dressing up as Elvis Presley.

Back on Tuesday, ESPN released a six-minute preview for the show, including a scene with Manning playing football with high schoolers, dressed in full Presley regalia. Manning was seen showing the kids several plays, all named after Presley songs. Despite wearing a uniform clearly not allowed on the NFL field, Manning still threw a touchdown.

In the preview, Manning explains to ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen about how Presley was a big football fan. He said the scenes were filmed on the same Memphis field where Presley played.

"Elvis Presley, whatever he was into – music, movies, got into karate… football, he was all in," Manning said. "I mean, he was all in. So he had these plays that he drew up for these touch football games. Not going to lie, pretty good plays. So we went to this old field where he used to play these touch football games. I started out in shorts and a t-shirt, kind of as myself. I said 'you know, I just feel like Elvis was more all in than this. I'm not really all in. I'll be right back.' Came back in a 70s Elvis suit."

Tennessee is an important state in Manning's career, so it makes sense for him to kick off the new series there. The New Orleans-born Manning played college football at the University of Tennessee, where he won the 1997 SEC Championship during his senior season.

Manning is a future Hall of Famer, retiring in 2015 with two Super Bowl wins, 14 Pro Bowl selections and five NFL MVP awards. He played for the Indianapolis Colts from 1998 to 2011, then joined the Denver Broncos for the last four years of his career. He won Super Bowl XLI with the Colts and Super Bowl 50 with the Broncos.

The 43-year-old returned to Indianpolis this week to surprise fans and throw a football near his statue at Lucas Oil Stadium while the Colts' current players are in training camp this week.


Peyton's Places will be available only on ESPN's premium streaming service, ESPN+, which costs $4.99 a month. The show will be available on Monday, July 29.

Photo credit: ESPN