Washington Redskins Players Race to Get Tom Brady's Jersey

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is possibly the most famous player in the entire NFL. Everyone knows who he is, whether they are actively watching the sport every week or even every year. In fact, Brady proved his celebrity status on Sunday after defeating the Washington Redskins and being asked multiple times for his jersey.

Sunday afternoon, Joe Giza of WBZ-TV posted a video of Washington running back Adrian Peterson talking to Brady following the game and asking for his jersey. The Patriots quarterback obliged but later ran into an issue when offensive tackle Donald Penn walked up and also asked him for the jersey.

"I gave it – AP asked," Brady said when Penn asked for his jersey. "I'll send another one."

It's possible that the players could simply recognize that this could be the final opportunity to get a jersey from Brady. The Patriots quarterback is 42 and has plans of playing until he is 45, but his priorities could change, forcing him to walk away from the NFL.

Penn and Peterson, on the other hand, are both near the end of their careers. The former Raiders offensive tackle is 36 and plays a position where his peers generally don't last until their late 30s. Peterson is 34 and has long since passed the dreaded age of 30 which results in many running backs having to watch their careers end.

Both of these players could see their time in the NFL come to an end sooner rather than later, and this loss may have been their final opportunity to get a jersey from Brady.

Exchanging the game-worn jersey is a tradition that has been going on for years, and it is a sign of ultimate respect by NFL players. Top players from both offense and defense have routinely exchanged jerseys after hard-fought battles, making sure to add personalized messages to each other.


Penn ultimately missed out on the opportunity to take home Brady's jersey following the game, but that doesn't mean that he will be left wanting. The Patriots quarterback said that he will get a jersey to Penn. The Washington tackle just won't have the opportunity to take the side-by-side photo with Brady that generally happens after these jersey exchanges.

(Photo credit: Patrick McDermott, Getty Images)