ESPN Viewers Notice Vanderbilt Baseball Coach Still Has His Christmas Tree Up

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in several businesses changing their approach to meetings. Video chat platforms have become essential and have provided glimpses into the homes and offices of prominent figures, including Vanderbilt's baseball coach, Tim Corbin. ESPN viewers recently noticed that the coach still has a decorated Christmas tree.

Rodger Sherman of The Ringer posted screenshots on Twitter that showed Corbin's appearance on ESPN. He pointed out that the background clearly showed a Christmas tree standing by a window, complete with ornaments and lights. Sherman acknowledged that time is "meaningless" during quarantine, but he was still surprised by the tree. After all, the screenshots were captured in mid-May.

"It gets better...that's not his house, that's his office overlooking Hawkins Field. He went through the entire start to the season with it up," wrote Vanderbilt alum Cutler Klein. Several others weighed in with their own stories about the tree. One even explained that this tree is "seasonal" and that the decorations change every few months.

While some users couldn't believe a Christmas tree was still standing, many others were supportive of the idea. The time at home has led many to figure out ways to bring joy to themselves and their neighbors. Putting up lights is certainly one option.

Sherman is someone that has proven adept at finding little details during this time in quarantine. For example, he noticed that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had a Mike Ditka bobblehead in the background of his basement set during the NFL Draft. This piece of merchandise drew Sherman's attention due to its moving between separate locations.


This bobblehead moved multiple times throughout the weekend, which led to many comments and questions on social media. It started on a bookcase and then later moved to the TV stand. The bobblehead also faced several different directions, leading to comments about how it belonged in Toy Story rather than in Goodell's basement.