USWNT Star Rose Lavelle Shares Health Tips Ahead of World Cup Qualifying Matches (Exclusive)

The United States Women's National Soccer Team (USWNT) will be taking part in the World Cup next year. But before that happens, the squad will take part in the qualifying matches which will take place this summer, and staying healthy will be very key to the team's success. In an exclusive interview with, USWNT star Rose Lavelle revealed how she's staying healthy during the season, which is getting a lot of rest and time for recovery. 

"I think the biggest tip I would have is just the importance of it," Lavelle exclusively told PopCulture. "Obviously in my career, it's built in. It's built into my everyday life because it's so important for what I do, but not everybody is able to do that or maybe even remembers to do that. To give themselves time off and take a second to breathe and recover and recharge. So I think I would say that. Just the importance of giving yourself time to recharge and recover."

Lavelle is currently playing for the OL Reign of the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL). The regular season began earlier this month, but the team competed in the NWSL Challenge Cup which began in March. The season will continue until the beginning of October, but Lavelle will also be competing in the CONCACAF Championship for the USWNT starting in July.

"I feel like in season, the league that we play in is so hard," Lavelle said. "It's so physically demanding. So for me, I say this all the time, but I just love doing nothing. So my off days, I'm on the couch, I have a coffee, I have a book, or I'm watching sports and I'm just doing nothing. And I love it. And I think that kind of day to recharge is so vital for me. And then I feel like it helps me go back on the field and be 100% ready."

To help rest and recovery, Lavelle has been working with Icy Hot to introduce its new Pro line and to launch Pro Time Off, a new campaign that focuses on everyday athletes putting in PRO-level effort and getting the recovery needed so they can be ready for the next event. "Throughout my career, I've recognized the importance of rest and recovery after a game or tournament, whatever it is," she said. 


"But I also know that not everybody is afforded that luxury of taking time off after a big event. So in conjunction with the launch of the new Pro product line, we're also introducing this Pro Time Off campaign and it's emphasizing the stories of everyday athletes and the Pro level effort that they're putting into their craft. And then also encouraging them to take the time off that they need so that they can go again for the next big event if they're able to."