UFC Fighters Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington Partake in Fiery Exchange as Donald Trump Calls In

UFC fighters Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman took part in a heated exchange on Saturday night following UFC Vegas 11. Covington, who previously lost to Usman in a December title bout, said that he would win a rematch because he has President Donald Trump on his side. Covington said that he has the "dragon energy."

Following the contentious back-and-forth between the two UFC fighters, Trump actually called Covington live on the post-show. The UFC Vegas 11 winner, who wore a "Keep America Great" hat, answered the call and put the president on speakerphone. The post-show host said that this was "a first" considering that no president had ever called in live. She also told Covington to warn Trump that he was on speakerphone.

"You are a great fighter, man, I'll tell you," Trump told Covington on the phone. "You make it so easy. I don't know how that is. Congratulations. I wanted to watch that fight tonight. I wanted to watch that. You were great."

Covington explained to Trump that he got the dragon energy from the president himself. The two men shook hands at a rally, which made the UFC star believe that he was unbeatable. He said he even would have defeated King Kong and Superman after shaking Trump's hand. Ultimately, Covington secured a fifth-round stoppage against Woodley after the former champion suffered a rib injury.

Prior to Trump's call, Covington unleashed a verbal barrage on Usman, the current welterweight champion. The two men are bitter rivals and will likely have a rematch in the future. When this fight does happen, Covington believes that he will emerge victoriously. He even guaranteed a knockout performance.


"Usman, you got so lucky last time, that was my worst night and that was your best night," Covington said during the live show, per Essentially Sports. "Wait till the next time I see you, there ain't gonna be no cheap shots, you're not gonna be able to call fake nut shots and get a fake stoppage. I'm coming for you again, you know who's winning that last fight. You're on borrowed time, motherf—er. This is my time, I'm getting my belt back."

If Covington does defeat Usman in a rematch to take the welterweight title, he will immediately take it on a tour. He plans on visiting Donald Trump in the Oval Office to show off the hardware. Covington also made his opinion about the election clear, saying that Trump would win "by a landslide."