UFC Fighter Cris Cyborg Releases Video Dana White Fired Her for Unedited, and Fans Have Thoughts

Cris Cyborg is doing damage control after she released a doctored video of UFC president Dana White, who in turn fired her from the mixed martial arts promotion. After defeating Felicia Spencer at UFC 240, Cyborg, 34, confronted White, 50, backstage and demanded that she receive a rematch with UFC Women's Featherweight champion Amanda Nunes. She also grilled him for alleged comments he's made about her being "scared" of Nunes. Afterwards, Cyborg's team uploaded edited footage of the conversation that appeared to show White saying he had been lying about her, but that was not the case.

As being released from UFC, Cyborg owned up to the clip being doctored on Twitter and posted the unedited clip. White seemed to actually be encouraging Cyborg, giving her the match she wanted and clarifying the true light of past comments he made about her.

"We'll do it. We'll get it done," White said. "Listen, when you hear me saying stuff, I'm not saying negative things about you."

Cyborg added, "But you say I'm afraid. I'm not afraid in the mind."

White replied, "Never did I say you're afraid."

UFC fans filed into the replies of Cyborg's apology to weigh in on the controversy, and the reaction was extremely mixed.

Some applauded Cyborg's reaction, saying it was the mature move to own up and take responsibility for her team's shady tactic. However, many still thought the firing was justified and even accused her of orchestrating the release to avoid a fight with Nunes.


White and UFC have not publicly responded to Cyborg's apology as of press time.

Photo Credit: Hans Gutknecht/Digital First Media/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images