UFC Fans Weigh in on Cris Cyborg's Latest Tweets About Being Released

Cris Cyborg is out of her UFC contract, and fans have a lot of feelings about it. The fighter shared her thoughts on the situation on Twitter, taking "full responsibility" for her actions ahead of her firing and issuing an apology to UFC owner Dana White.

Cyborg, 34, addressed a video posted to her YouTube, Instagram and Twitter accounts that showed a confrontation with White. She revealed that the video was edited by her production team, and included subtitles suggesting that White told her, "'and listen whenever you hear me saying stuff, I'm not saying ... the truth.'" Cyborg said the subtitles were wrong, and White actually told her, "'and listen, whenever you hear me saying stuff, I'm not saying negative things about you."

Twitter users were quick to respond to the tweet with varied reactions.

"Your production team got you fired," one person pointed out.

"Damn son that's a easy mistake to make. Bit harsh the outcome but hopefully he'll see the error in his judgement," another tweeted.

"Cris you should have never let other people take over your account. I knew right away when I seen you posting all those odd questions you hired a social media marketing team," another fan tweeted. "I just hope it's not too late to make nice with the UFC? Dana seemed pretty adamant about letting you go."

"And Dana wins again. Sorry you had to give in Cris," another person chimed in on Twitter.

"U have the worst social media team in the history of the sport," someone else added.

Cyborg first spoke about her firing in a social media post featuring a photo of herself wearing a black dress.

"All dressed up and ready to go when my date suddenly cancels. Anyone know someone who might be interested?" she captioned the Twitter post.


White announced Cyborg's firing in an interview on the UFC's YouTube channel on Friday. He said he's "out of the Cyborg business," according to ESPN. White said the organization would be waiving any contractual matching rights for the mixed martial arts star.

"I'm going to release her from her contract and I will not match any offers[she receives]," he said in the video. "She is free and clear to go to Bellator or any of these other promotions and fight these easy fights she wants to. Done. Done deal. I will literally, today, have my lawyer draft a letter to [Justino's team saying] that she is free and clear."