Tony Romo: CBS Sports Responds to Report About 'Intervention' With Lead NFL Analyst

CBS Sports is showing support for one of its own, Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reported that CBS Sports staged an "intervention" for Tony Romo as network executives noticed that some of the luster of his analysis has faded. Executives, including CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus and CBS' lead NFL game producer, Jim Rikhoff, flew on separate trips to Romo's Dallas home.

CBS Sports responded to the report saying there was no intervention with Romo. "To call this an intervention is a complete mischaracterization, we meet regularly with our on-air talent," CBS Sports spokeswoman Jen Sabatelle said. Marchand went on to say that executives reviewed tapes with Romo, went to dinner and discussed the broadcast in an attempt to return to the form that made him the highest-paid sports broadcaster in history. 

Romo became the lead NFL analyst for CBS Sports in 2017 replacing Phil Simms. He received his share of praise for his ability to predict offensive plays and read defensive formations. In February 2020, Romo signed a new contract with CBS Sports where he would get $17 million per season. 

In an interview with Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports, Romo shared his thoughts on who will win this year's Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. "I won't make a prediction, but I do think it's gonna be a great game," he said. "I think these are the two best teams all year — and they're playing in this game. Going into Week 8 of this year, I thought the two teams that ended up getting home-field advantage would come out of both conferences. It happened to play out that way. Those two teams having home field, that adds that little bit that a great team can overcome things if the ball doesn't bounce their way. I think you saw that."

Romo was signed to the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in 2003 and was with the team until after the 2016 season. In his 14 seasons in the NFL, Romo was selected to the Pro Bowl four times and was named to the All-Pro Second Team in 2014, which was his best NFL season, throwing for 4,903 yards and 28 touchdowns.