Delivery Driver Gets Tony Hawk to Send Skateboard to Young Fan

Tony Hawk just made a young fan very happy thanks to FedEx delivery driver, Mikail. While on his route in Suwanee, Georgia, the driver was stopped by a young Tony Hawk fan named Cooper. He wanted the driver to send something to the skateboard legend, which turned out to be his own skateboard. The driver shared the story on TikTok, which led to the video going viral.

"I pull over, I'm like, 'Hey man, what's up?' " the driver said. "He's like, 'Can you mail something for me?' I was like, 'Yeah, sure.' He runs into his house, he comes back out and he goes, 'Hey sir, do you know the pro skater Tony Hawk? I was like 'Yeah, I know who he is.' And he goes, 'Can you mail this to him?'" The delivery driver, whose name is @fresh2deaf on TikTok, featured the old skateboard in video, showing how Cooper wrote his own name and Hawk's name on. Cooper then asked the driver if he could get the skateboard to him, which led to Cooper's mom coming outside and winking at the driver to make sure he gets it to Hawk — of course, Mikail had no real way of doing this, pointing out how he does not have the address. But he did ask Hawk for an assist via social media, free of any assumption he would see it.

"So Tony, if you see this, Cooper in Suwanee, Georgia, is a big fan," Mikail said. "Maybe you could give him a shout-out and the next time I drive by his house I can show him the video and it'll probably make his whole life." Hawk saw the video and wrote on Twitter that he's sending the young fan his own skateboard in return. Hawk also sent a video message to Cooper for the skateboard.

"Thank you so much for the skateboard," Hawk said. "It's on its way to my house already as a thank you gift, I'm going to send you my skateboard." Hawk then showed his skateboard to end the video. Hawk is looked at as a pioneer of vertical skateboarding. His impact on the sport has led to a number of appearances on TV shows and film in the last 30 years, and he also has his own video game series that has started in 1999. It was recently announced that remastered versions of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+ 2 will be released for PS4 and XBOX one in September.