Tony Hawk Pulls off McTwist While Holding Glass of Milk for Internet Challenge

Tony Hawk is still an impressive skateboarder at the age of 52. He recently took part in the TikTok "Got Milk? Challenge" put on by the Milk Processor Education Program and showed his ability to pull off tricks while multitasking. Hawk completed a 540 spin while holding a half-full glass of milk.

Hawk posted the video on his Instagram and showed off his abilities. He poured the milk into the glass while standing on the edge of his halfpipe and then dropped in. Hawk completed a McTwist, an inverted 540-degree mute grab, while holding the glass of milk but did not spill a single drop. He finished off the video by sliding to a stop and then taking a sip. "Got McTwist," Hawk asked.

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"Inspired by [Katie Ledecky], I tried to do a bunch of basic tricks without spilling to little success. So I tried this as a joke... and it worked (yes, it’s real). Got McTwist?" Hawk wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. When the skateboarding legend posted the video of his trick, he prompted several responses from friends and peers alike, all of which expressed amazement due to his ability to keep the milk in the glass.

As Hawk explained, Olympic gold medalist Ledecky served as the inspiration for his impressive clip. The swimmer previously drew attention when she put a glass of chocolate milk on her head and then swam across the pool. The glass on Ledecky's head shook the entire time she was in the pool, but it remained atop her head. The Olympian referred to the ad as "one of the best swims" of her career — although she acknowledged that this statement was up for debate.


This viral video comes at a fitting time for the 52-year-old Hawk. He is currently celebrating the release of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2. This collection takes the original PlayStation game from 1999 and its sequel and combines them into one product for skateboarding fans. Developer Beenox completely rebuilt the game with modern graphics, brought back the popular songs while adding even more and incorporated tricks from later games.

The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater franchise has struggled to find success in recent years, but Hawk has high hopes for the new collection. According to review scores, this outing is a success. The new release has an 88% Metacritic rating due to favorable reviews from several critics.