Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen Rock Rumor Reports With Impending Divorce, But Here's the Truth

While Tom Brady is taking time away from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for "personal" reasons, the announcement comes on the heels of a report from an upcoming Life & Style issue claiming the NFL quarterback and his wife, Gisele Bündchen, are heading for a divorce. The report says Bündchen "went berserk" when she learned that Brady was going to return to the NFL after announcing his retirement in February. But is it true?

Further stating how she put her life and career on hold so he could thrive, the source reportedly told Life & Style that she is done doing it all. "He's put himself first, and she's had to make too many sacrifices. Friends are whispering that if he doesn't take her threats seriously, it could lead to divorce," the source alleges. However, this report may not be true as Suggest pointed out Bündchen's Instagram post where she wished Brady Happy Birthday earlier this month. Suggest also states Life & Style constantly publishes stories about Brady getting a divorce. In April, Life & Style reported that Brady and Bündchen were fighting over his NFL return in April. 

"Happy birthday to one of the most focused, disciplined and fashionable person I know!" Bündchen wrote in her latest Instagram post. "[Tom Brady] you are so loved and we are always here cheering for you and wishing you all the most wonderful things in life!"

But the question is why is Brady time away from the Buccaneers one month before the season begins? Head coach Todd Bowles said this was something that was planned before training camp kicked off. "This is something we talked about before training camp started," Bowles explained. "We allotted this time because he wanted to get in and chemistry with the guys and go through two weeks of training camp. 

"Knowing he wasn't going to play the first two games he didn't want to take away reps from Blaine and Kyle, as well as Griff, as far as going into these next two games. It's something that he needs to handle. We trust him. We talked about it – it was scheduled way before training camp and he will not be here until after Tennessee."  Brady and Bündchen got married in Feb. 2009 and have two children — Benjamin and Vivian.