Tom Brady and Daughter Vivi Jump off Waterfall, and It Did Not Turn out Pretty

Tom Brady may have had fans holding their breath as he jumped off a waterfall with his daughter Vivian in a new video posted to his Instagram on Friday. Although the New England Patriots quarterback and his 6-year-old daughter show lack of synchrony in their diving technique, the doting dad admits he would still give young Vivi a 10 out of 10.

It seemed as though the 6-year-old may have hesitated at last minute, being dragged off the ledge with her NFL dad. At the end of the video you can hear quarterback say something to the effect of "you were suppose to jump" when he realized she put in no effort, instead acknowledging he dragged her in after she seemingly agreed to take a leap.

Thankfully, by the looks of the video, no one seemed hurt — a few onlookers were shocked, but it appeared no one was hurt.

Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen are currently vacationing in Costa Rica with their family — a location and trend they frequent often. Since arriving to the tropical getaway, they have shared lots of sweet moments with their fans across all social media platforms. Brady even shared a photo of his daughter dressed in his football attire warning his teammate and wide receiver Julian Edelman there may be a new player the Patriots will add to their roster.

The former Victoria's Secret model shared a sunset photo of her on the beach in a yoga pose, encouraging her followers to slow down their lifestyle and take time for themselves.


"Imagine if we recharged as often as we recharge our phones?" she wrote in an Instagram post. "Most of the time we don't realize we are burned out until we are completely drained - mentally, emotionally, and physically. It definitely doesn't feel good when I'm like this, and that's why I try to find time to recharge every day, whether meditating, praying, taking a walk in nature, enjoying the sunrise or even just taking a moment to breath deeply. I think we would be much happier if we took a little time to recharge our batteries everyday. What recharges your batteries? What helps you to reconnect to yourself and bring you peace?"

Their vacation also gave the couple quality time to spend together before the football season gears up.