Tom Brady Trolls Aaron Rodgers Over NFC Championship Game Play

Tom Brady trolling fellow NFL players is nothing new, and Aaron Rodgers was his latest target. The two A-List quarterbacks appeared virtually for a press conference for their golf tournament, The Match, which features golf stars Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau. When talking to DeChambeau, Brady took a jab as his fellow QB.

"I do think you do have a partner that would probably have liked to go for it a little more often than he has in the past," Brady said to DeChambeau. "So Bryce, I'm glad you're encouraging him to kind of go for it when it's on the line ... just not getting to the fairway or something like that and try to play for the next shot." What Brady is referring to is the Green Bay Packers electing to kick a field goal in the NFC Championship game earlier this year while training the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31-23 with 2:09 remaining in the fourth quarter. That decision led to Brady and the Buccaneers winning the game and then winning the Super Bowl.

"Well, I don't usually get the option in my experience," Rodgers said. That led to Brady sympathizing with Rodgers, saying that he knows "the pain." Rodgers went on to say: "That is a great question, should be correct, but unfortunately for this game today it's incorrect." Rodgers wanted another shot to score a touchdown as the offense was able to get things going in the second half. Instead, the Packers quarterback misses out on the Super Bowl, and it could be the last time he puts on a Packers uniform.

Rodgers is frustrated with the team right now and has not reported to any of the offseason workouts. He didn't talk about the issues with the Packers during the virtual press conference but did discuss them on SportsCenter with Kenny Mayne last month.


"I think sometimes people forget what really makes an organization," Rodgers said. "History is important, legacy of so many people who've come before you. But the people, that's the most important thing. People make an organization, people make a business and sometimes that gets forgotten. Culture is built brick by brick, the foundation of it by the people, not by the organization, not by the building, not by the corporation. It's built by the people."